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Twin Peaks
Quilts from Easy Strip-Pieced Triangles

Twin Peaks by Gayle Bong, quilting book

Create sets of joined triangles quickly with an inventive technique that’s easy as 1 - 2 - 3!  Simply sew two strips together along both long edges, cut them into squares, and then cut the squares in half.  Voila!  You get dozens of beautiful two-color triangles pairs without fussing and fiddling with individual triangles.  Choose from 13 projects or create your own designs.

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Martingale Publishing
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News from Gayle Bong

Twin Peaks is soon to be released! I sent the manuscript to Martingale & Co. in Nov. 2007 and here it is almost a year later and I will be seeing an advance copy this week. If you are familiar with my books or classes, you already know that Twin Peaks is my name for a strip piecing technique that produces pairs of half-square triangles joined on a short edge.  You’d be surprised at what you can do with those little guys. I now offer two different Twin Peaks classes where participants have a  choice of 3 different quilts in each class.

While I was at Quilt Market this last weekend I talked with publishers about another book proposal. Submitting a proposal sure is nerve racking. First you have to jump through hoops answering a litany of questions about your background and the book and then you have to wait about 2 months for their response! I must love the process cause I keep doing it. I think you will be surprised what I come out with next. 

I have discovered so much you can do with the Thirtysomething concept that it can’t be covered in just one 6 hour class. A third Thirtysomething class I am calling “Something Else” has been added that will focus on just the new units. The lone quilt, Sweet Pepper will always be an option for a Thirtysomething class where you want to focus on one quilt and use some of  those scraps you finally organized. 

Work progresses slowly on the next Thirtysomething book. I quit looking for new blocks after I came up with the first 100.  I’ll look for more later when I dedicate my time to the book. I won’t do that till I have more students samples to feature. Until then I continue to schedule classes for the adventurous type that would like the chance to see a quilt of theirs in print.

Gayle BongI surprised myself on Labor Day weekend.  I ordered a Lenni from APQS. So now I have a longarm and plan to spend my free time this winter getting good at it. Trust me, it isn’t that easy. On the longarm message boards the ladies mention that they had to go PPP.  It didn’t take long to realize that meant practice, practice, practice.   I have rented these machines from Sue at The Quilting Connection several times in the past.  I knew it took a whole different set of skills. I also knew I wanted one. I never dreamed I’d get one.  My dear mother-in-law said to have fun with her money. So I am having fun! I’ll let you know how it goes. And no, I don’t plan to quilt for hire.  I will continue to refer quilt top makers to Judy at for finishing.  She did an excellent job on my quilt tops in Twin Peaks.

Again, thanks to everyone for encouraging me to continue doing what I love.